Information Security

Another security incident. What does your board of directors do now?

Guidance for directors and executives on information security

Security threats are increasing and shareholders are increasingly holding directors accountable for information security breaches. Finding guidance at a strategic level of an organisation on information security is tough. International standards are low on detail and Chief Information Security Officers are expensive. This website has been designed to show you exactly how to navigate these troubled waters.

This website comes in two parts

Strategic Information Security Dashboard

Get an overview of all the areas in information security that need to be addressed

Marketplace of Suppliers

Intelligently access the right supplier for your needs

How InformationalRisk Works

Review Dashboard

For each area of information security, identify the current state of maturity

Identify Weak Areas

Which areas on the dashboard deserve immediate attention?

Engage Supplier

Find the best quality supplier you can to help you address your weak areas of information security

Between Organisations

These areas of information security affect your organisational externally in its relationships with other bodies or organisations.

Boardroom Level

This is a strategic-level view of areas of information security that directly affect your board of directors.

Executive Level

This is a strategic-level view of strategic areas of information security that affect executives within your organisation.

Team Level

This is a strategic-level view of strategic areas of information that affect teams within your organisation.